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Author Topic: backwards leveling  (Read 701 times)

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backwards leveling
« on: January 09, 2017, 04:28:32 (GMT) »
Its a simple matter: the exp penalty when the char dies is too high. The EXP-ratio is extremely low no matter how you look at it, so no one needs such heavy penalties which can easyly result in losing more points then you can get (backwards leveling) if the connection to the server is, for whatever reason, not stable.

I know there are pendants that can negate that penalty, but they should be an option, not a neccessity, especially since they are item mall exclusive

My suggestion is one of these:

1: get rid of any death penalty (yeah, very unlikely i know)

2: lower the amount a character loses on death to an amount that makes sense and is less punishing (there is enough grind allready)

3: make at least silver pendants available for in-game currency (eons, at any npc) or let them drop at some point (low ratio ofc.). At least i never saw them anywhere for reasonable prices thus far. I only saw them in a players shop once for a ridiculously high amount amount of eons.

4: revert the old ressurection spell of the priestess to what it used to be (it could lower death penalties before renewal was implemented, so that we can ask other to ressurect us again ... now that skill (salvation) is totally useless)

5: give everybody one free resurrection once hour (or whatever intervall) so that deaths on dcs are less punishing.

6: do something to get more ppl play the game, so that parties become a common thing again. This could be something like getting the game on steam or doing some serious advertising. HOWEVER for things like that you really need an english homepage, at least as an option.
(Playing in a party usually doesnt result in deaths on dc)

Tell me if i skipped something.

Dont get me wrong now, i dont think every point should be implemented (some are negating each other anyways) ... i just want the game to be less punishing.


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backwards leveling
« on: January 09, 2017, 04:28:32 (GMT) »