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Author Topic: Atalanta skills  (Read 705 times)

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Atalanta skills
« on: January 09, 2017, 05:06:33 (GMT) »
Atalanta has some skills which could get changed for a bit better.

Let's start on summon skills.

Miniram summon add 30 attack rate it could be increased to 70 - 100 attack rate
Summon Wolf add 30 attack power could be increased to 70 - 100 attack power
Summon Bear add 700 hp could be increased to 1000 hp

Now for buffs

Atalanta have 3 buffs:
Raising blade 20 second
Building up power 30 second
Horn Flute of the Battle 2 minutes

Now when you active these buffs every 2 minutes it is very annoying also it cost a lot of mana.

There i suggest for change for horn flute of the battle skill to move this buff for 10 - 30 minutes long
it is because for level 4 you need 321 mana for level 5 it is 368 mana every 2 minutes. It is really a lot

Atalanta is more like support class so this one buff what can add to 6 could really be longer than 2 minutes.

I don't even remember active it every 2 minutes..