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Author Topic: Release Notes Update 1.5.5  (Read 381 times)

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Release Notes Update 1.5.5
« on: March 30, 2018, 09:43:31 (GMT) »

It is with great pleasure that we bring a NEW restraint field to the most famous and beloved Dungeon of the Priston Tale 2! It has been fully adapted and upgraded to meet the requirements of lvs 79~85. The sense of nostalgia attributed to this DG is the feeling we seek to set and prepare everyone for the coming and long awaited NEW Lost Valley map.
Be ready!

Along with this content totally destined to the high lvs of the game, we prepared several modifications, attributions and novelties that can be checked below.

*NEW Restriction Field for Goblin Valley - Goblin Valley(Master) 79~85

*NEW Boxes (Drop in GV 79~85)
 -Lost Box Gold
 -Lost Box Ruby
 -Lost Box Sapphire
 -Lost Box Diamond
 -Lost Box Supreme (A)

*NEW Quests for NEW Goblin Valley 79~85
 -3 Quests for Lv79
 -3 Quests for Lv80
 -3 Quests for LV81
 -1 Quest for Lv82 (Lost Box Supreme on Reward)

*Set BronDra on Lost Box Supreme (A)
 -Aging +15(above) - Set's color changes to BLACK

*NEW Enchant Jera (Drop in GV 79~85 and also available in the new Lost Boxes)

*Redefining lvs for Orb Forces
 -Transparo Force 60~69
 -Murky Force 70~79 (additional fixed)
 -Devine Force 80~89

*NEW Lapis (Available in Lost Boxes Supreme)
-Sexy Succubus
  -Static buff = 15% ATK Speed
  -Dynamic buff = 15% Defense

-Pure Succubus
  -Static buff = 25% Casting Speed
  -Dynamic buff = 25% of All Evasions

*Upgrade for Baby Red Dragon
 -Dynamic buff now it's going to give = 25% of ATK Power

*Upgrade for Elementary Titles
 -Value added goes to 20%
 -Negative value goes to 15%

*Upgrade for Red Flame Title
 -Value added goes to 25%
 -Negative value goes to 28%

*Upgrade of NPC Heritage Exploration's items quantity


Best regards;
Fourge Games and Priston Tale 2 Team


É com muito prazer que trazemos um NOVO campo de restrição para a Dungeon mais famosa e querida do Priston Tale 2! Ela foi totalmente adaptada e melhorada para atender os requisitos dos lvs 79~85. A sensação de nostalgia atribuída a esta DG é o sentimento que buscamos para ambientar e preparar todos para o vindouro e tão aguardado NOVO mapa Lost Valley.
Estejam prontos!

Junto com este conteúdo totalmente destinado aos high lvs do jogo, preparamos diversas modificações, atribuições e novidades que podem ser conferidas abaixo.

*NOVO Campo de restrição para Goblin Valley - Goblin Valley(Master) 79~85

*NOVAS Boxes(Drop em GV 79~85)
 -Lost Box Gold
 -Lost Box Ruby
 -Lost Box Sapphire
 -Lost Box Diamond
 -Lost Box Supreme (A)

*NOVAS Quests para NOVA Goblin Valley 79~85
 -3 Quests para Lv79
 -3 Quests para Lv80
 -3 Quests para LV81
 -1 Quest para Lv82 (Lost Box Supreme on Reward)

*Set BronDra na Lost Box Supreme(A)
 -Aging +15(acima) - A cor do set muda para PRETO

*NOVO Enchant Jera(Drop em GV 79~85 e também disponível nas novas Lost Boxes)

*Redefinição para Orb Forces
 -Transparo Force 60~69
 -Murky Force 70~79(correção do adicional)
 -Devine Force 80~89

*NOVOS Lapis(Disponível em Lost Boxes Supreme)
-Sexy Succubus
  -Buff fixo = 15% ATK Speed
  -Buff dinâmico = 15% de Defense
-Pure Succubus
  -Buff fixo = 25% de Casting Speed
  -Buff dinâmico = 25% de All Evasions

*Upgrade para Baby Red Dragon
  -Buff dinâmico agora dará = 25% de ATK Power

*Upgrade para Títulos Elementais
 -Valor adicionado de 20%
 -Valor negativo de 15%

*Upgrade para Título Red Flame
 -Valor adicionado de 25%
 -Valor negativo de 28%

*Upgrade da quantidade de itens do NPC Heritage Exploration


Fourge Games and Priston Tale 2 Team

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