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Author Topic: Release notes 1.5.6 - Fix of the problem on ARENA  (Read 360 times)

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Release notes 1.5.6 - Fix of the problem on ARENA
« on: April 18, 2018, 07:43:04 (GMT) »

Hello, Priston Tale 2 warriors!

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the problem that has arisen with the competitions of ARENA Of Fury has been totally corrected. Now all clans will be able to contend again for the most powerful clan position of the continent of Priston Tale 2.

Recall that for a fairer position to all clans, since no regular dispute was taking place, the ARENA leader clan was changed to PristonTale2, so the eons rate traded in the game was locked at 0% and thus no clan or player would be injured by such problem.

Exclusively this week, the clan that is in first place at the end of the last qualifying session on Saturday will only have to sign up for Sunday's final race to become the new champion, from then on the following week everyone can compete for to play the final against the new champion.

Again we point out that only in this way it would be fair with all clans to return the ARENA of Fury dispute.

We count on the understanding of all, regards;
Fourge Games and Priston Tale 2 Team


Olá, guerreiros de Priston Tale 2!

É com enorme prazer que informamos que a problemática que se instaurou com as competições de ARENA Of Fury foi totalmente corrigida. Agora todos os clans poderão tornar a disputar pelo posto de clan mais poderoso do continente de Priston Tale 2.

Lembramos que, visando uma posição mais justa a todos os clans, visto que nenhuma disputa regular estava ocorrendo, o clan líder de ARENA foi alterado para PristonTale2, assim a taxa dos eons comercializados no jogo ficou travada em 0% e então nenhum clan ou jogador seria lesado por tal problemática.

Exclusivamente esta semana, o clan que estiver em primeiro lugar ao final da ultima classificatória do sábado, apenas deverá inscrever-se para a disputa final de domingo para se tornar o novo campeão, a partir de então, na semana seguinte, todos poderão concorrer para disputar a final contra o novo campeão.

Novamente salientamos que somente desta forma, seria justo com todos os clans o retorno da disputa de ARENA of Fury.

Contamos com a compreensão de todos, atenciosamente;
Fourge Games e Equipe Priston Tale 2

Priston Tale 2 - Fórum

Release notes 1.5.6 - Fix of the problem on ARENA
« on: April 18, 2018, 07:43:04 (GMT) »