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Eventos / Events / GM Events on Tuesday - Tips & Questions
« Last post by [PT2]Zweihänder on March 18, 2019, 09:37:07 (GMT) »

Hello, warriors of Priston Tale 2!

Tomorrow, Tuesday 19th, the GM BronDra will be online starting at 21:00 GMT for "Tips & Questions" events, with awards in Awells.

We'll be waiting for you, do not miss!!!

Best regards;
Fourge Entertainment and Priston Tale 2 Team


Olá, guerreiros do Priston Tale 2!

Amanhã, Terça-feira, dia 19, o GM BronDra estará online a partir das 18:00hrs(horário de Brasília) para execução de eventos "Tips & Questions", um jogo de dicas e perguntas com premiações em Awells.

Esperamos vocês, não percam!!!

Fourge Entertainment e Equipe Priston Tale 2

Suggestions and Ideas / Re: Welcome to Shootme's ASS part 2!
« Last post by shootme on March 18, 2019, 08:47:50 (GMT) »
So today's episode is about the buffs in general

For example one of the things I would like to see in the game is the Buff system improved upon.

One of the most frustration things is to have to constantly rebuff yourself after the time runs out because most of the time when we are focused and on a hour or 2 hour grinding session we forget to check if our buffs are on.

Currently all the buffs we can use via the classes skill trees and also the special buffs we can use via our PETS run out and do not auto re-buff.

My suggestion is:
Is there any way to add a Re-buff option so these BUFFS will automatically re-buff when the timer runs out?
I know its a small drop in a big sea and probably not on the top of the developers list of priorities but every little helps right?

Also maybe implement a system to rebuff certain items after a certain time? like a separate window where we can place certain items like forces, scrolls, pots ext to 'USE' after a certain time. 15 mins, 30 mins etc?

Any thoughts?

Suggestions and Ideas / Re: Welcome to Shootme's ASS
« Last post by shootme on March 18, 2019, 08:33:56 (GMT) »
Hello :) thank you for the reply it was nice to see such a detailed reply.
Thank you for clearing up the element that the majority of the enemy's use "nature this explains why I did not see the reduction in damage as I never bothered testing "nature"

secondly I understand that a support ticket can be sent with the suggestions but I feel that if we had it in the forum then hopefully other players can take 2 minutes out of thier important grinding to post thier input.

shall I translate this thread and post it in the Portuguese language forums for the Brazilian community? or will it be deleted ? I understand that the Eng speaking community is small and maybe this is the reason why we have little feedback aswell

I will do some further testing on the elemental side of things.

I still feel it will be clearer to replace the 0.00 values with % values and make it clearly explained ( I can help with the grammar if need be)

I highly anticipated seal and circle system as it will also give use to thepremium point stones that are not really used now.

I have to go now so I can prepare the next episode of Shootme ASS :)
Suggestions and Ideas / Re: Welcome to Shootme's ASS
« Last post by [PT2]Zweihänder on March 18, 2019, 08:04:59 (GMT) »
Hello Friend!

We really like your original idea of ​​suggestions (with the exception of the pun :-\ ), we hope that more players are inspired by this and continue to give us their suggestions.

We also want to point out that there are other ways of giving us the suggestions. Support Ticket ( and our Facebook page (
Obviously there is the debate factor here. Which in a way can help a lot in completing a good suggestion.

In short, let us now to the point already raised by you at other times.
Before we continue, understand that all suggestions are always properly reviewed by our responsible team.
Any response we give here, is only informative, so do not worry! ;)

So let's go!
Understand that the element system is already as you are suggesting.
There are classes with elemental potential in some skills. Obviously this is not the ONLY determining factor (and it can not even be a matter of balance), is that not all skills have the potential element.

Magician = Fire and Ice
Conjurer = Fire, Ice and Darkness
Priestess = Holy and Dark
Shaman = Darkness
Druid = Nature and Darkness
(non-magic classes can only have elemental defense or specialization in the weapon)

In addition to some who possess skills with potential of elemtental defense, as is the case of Paladin, which has for all elements.

As well as each monster of magical (and even many non-magical) potential possess its basic element and additional elementals in certain skills.
Being "Nature" is the most common among monsters.

On elemental defenses themselves, they are already in percentage (%), that is, 10.0 = 10%, 35.0 = 35% even.
However this potential acts on skills with same element damage (except for damage from elemental or additional damage).
That is, they work for PvE and PvP normally, as long as they respect those values ​​previously informed.

Specializations only give a toning to the attacks allowed to elemental damage. So a basic attack just gains the additional value.

However, again we stress that this can indeed be improved.
Especially when we actually bring the Seal & Circle back. ^^

Once again we thank you deeply.

We count on your understanding, regards;
Suggestions and Ideas / Welcome to Shootme's ASS
« Last post by shootme on March 17, 2019, 12:20:18 (GMT) »
Well if you are here on this topic then Im sure you are all interested my ASS!
Id like to introduce my new daily series called ASS

Awesome Shoots suggestions :) ASS for short :)
In this series I will bless you all with an epic idea on what I feel could improve the game! Of course you are all welcome to comment on my ASS and make suggestions as this is the ONLY way the game can be improved for the better and ultimately help the Game masters make and implement changes.

First of all I would like to start with the Elemental system as this is something that I am a firm believer in and are one of the old school players from the 1st day Pristontale 2 came out.

Basically the elemental system seems to be slightly underwhelming as it can and should be a powerfull element (pardon the punn)

The basic idea is by adding elemental status change to your equipment either be it defence or attack you gain a slight advantage over that particular element

My suggestion is to first of all change the system so we can actually see some benefits to changing the stats on our equipment.

Now if you look at the main character screen or press C for those who cannot navigate to it. You can hover of the [?] sign and it says the following:

Resistance rate on each attack will appear. Each property resistance will appear as % so if increases, it will appear as 10.0 and means 10%

If this was the case then we should get a 10% reduction in damage by all the mobs that use that particular element and also players in PVP. Currently this system doesn't work as mobs seem to not use particular elements so I suggest that certain mobs should use a particular element for example shamans - fire , goblins - dark etc etc. This will add another level to customization and also to PVP

I suggest that either this system be fixed or implement a new % based system instead on the 10.0 system.
for example equipment can have a % stat on them adding to the collection % of defense against the element.

So an example would be that my fire defense is 35 so it should change to 35% damage resistance.
its impossible to have high % in all of your equipment so that means we have to plan for what defence we want and quite possibly need more than 1 set of equipment depending on the enemy especially in PVP.

speaking of PVP

The elemental system can be improved further by labeling certain classes to use a certain elemental skills.
Mage - fire and Ice
Conjurer - Dark and Fire
Shaman - Nature + Dark
Warrior - Earth and Ice
priest - Holy and Nature
Paladin - Holy and earth
druid - Ice and dark

If the spells and skills are elemental based then at least EVERYONE will have a chance to beat ANY player

I feel that the pros of this change will greatly increase the strategy of PVP and also help to sell orbs and cards to spec items which we all know is a good thing for the server maintenance :)

Please comment if you feel like it but remember TEAM

Tune in tomorrow for more of Shootmes ASS !!!!

Eventos / Events / GM Events on Saturday - Collect & Craft
« Last post by [PT2]Zweihänder on March 15, 2019, 08:13:55 (GMT) »

Hello, warriors of Priston Tale 2!

Tomorrow, Saturday 16th, the GM BronDra will be online starting at 18:00 GMT for "Collect & Craft" events, with several awards.

We'll be waiting for you, do not miss!!!

Best regards;
Fourge Entertainment and Priston Tale 2 Team


Olá, guerreiros do Priston Tale 2!

Amanhã, sábado dia 16, o GM BronDra estará online a partir das 15:00hrs(horário de Brasília) para execução de eventos "Collect & Craft", com diversas premiações.

Esperamos vocês, não percam!!!

Fourge Entertainment e Equipe Priston Tale 2

Bem Vindo - Welcome / Did you know? // Você sabia? - Check -> Eons
« Last post by [PT2]Zweihänder on March 14, 2019, 10:57:00 (GMT) »

Did you know?

The NPC "Auction Manager, Anna", which can be found in all major cities of the continent of Priston Tale 2 (Caeldome, Phillai, Purple and Navisko), has a function where it is possible to exchange 10,000,000 Eons in Check of equal value.

To access this function simply click on the second option of this NPC and then choose between exchanging Eons by Check or Check by Eons. The fee charged is only 0.1%.

An excellent solution for those who end up getting a good amount of value and is prevented from storing everything in the warehouse and inventory due to the maximum limit.


Você sabia?

O NPC "Auction Manager, Anna", que pode ser encontrado em todas as principais cidades do continente de Priston Tale 2 (Caeldome, Phillai, Roxa e Navisko), tem uma função onde é possível trocar 10.000.000 Eons em Check de igual valor.

Para acessar essa função basta clicar na segunda opção deste NPC e então escolher entre trocar Eons por Check ou Check por Eons. A taxa cobrada é apenas de 0.1%.

Uma excelente solução para quem acaba conseguindo uma boa quantidade de valor e é impedido de armazenar tudo no armazém e inventário devido o limite máximo.

Suggestions and Ideas / Re: Bring back seal and circle?
« Last post by [PT2]Zweihänder on March 14, 2019, 04:48:22 (GMT) »
The reason why they are not seeking arena is lack of players.... this is quite apparent

We can not disagree with you, without a doubt there is a need for more players.
But fact is that the current players were no longer in ARENAS when there were more clans and players looking for the competition itself. :(

But do not worry, we're working to improve this. ;)

Suggestions and Ideas / Re: Shop items sale ingame
« Last post by [PT2]Zweihänder on March 14, 2019, 04:45:22 (GMT) »
Regarding this statement, I understand that its not necessary to use the shop items to age but lets be honest the % of breaking an item without scrolls are quite high.

But im glad the % of success aging has been increased and I actually think that shop scrolls are fine after +10 for example and the % off success to +10 is perfect as it is.

I think that between +14+15+16+17 we should still be able to use shop scrolls with special materials that are harder to obtain maybe?

:+) ps. did you receive my PM ? im serious about it

Hello Friend!

First of all, know that whenever you want to send us a very specific suggestion, in the intention of being a personal message, feel free to send a support ticket (

On your suggestion, we need to re-react that in fact the parchment DOES NOT increase the chance of success. It ONLY prevents loss of the item if it fails.

Anyway know that, as already said before, we will always seek to improve in order to bring more balance and fairness to the game and the players.

Again we thank you for your message.

We count on your understanding, regards;
Suggestions and Ideas / Re: elemental defence and damage
« Last post by [PT2]Zweihänder on March 14, 2019, 04:37:18 (GMT) »
Hello Friend!

Works for both PvE and PvP.
But it is important to note that fixed damages are not paid by elemental defense.
An example is the "Living Flame" skill of the class "MAGICIAN", this skill defers fixed damage, and this does not suffer reduction with the elemental defense to flames.

Skills "based" on element is that they are reduced.

Do not worry, in fact the elemental defenses are working properly.

We count on your understanding, regards;
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